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Free vector icon entered into 99designs AND Crowdspring contests.
Unedited download wins contest on Crowdspring.

$250 logo design contest on 99designs:

Copy accusations on 99designs

One designer on 99designs accuses another of uploading a design copied from Crowdspring:

"wow #222 is ripp from http://www.crowdspring.com/projects...gallery/vr. Way to go pal!!! "

Accused designer explains that he owns the vector file as it is from a free download site:

"this is not from the site you have mentioned but this is from: - http://www.vecteezy.com/vf/741-icons and I am owning this vector file & can use it anywhere I want to. Hope this clarifies the matter."

The icon in question is available from Vecteezy, a free vector download site. According to the site, it had been uploaded Dec 01, 2008 and has been downloaded 45,006 times since then:

This icon was entered into the Crowdspring contest linked. Uploaded on December 11, 2008, it was the winning entry. Upon submission, the designer had affirmed in their 'disclosure' that they had " created everything in [their] entry and [they] didn't copy anyone else's concept":

The winning designer is listed as the second most active on Crowdspring

The winning Crowdspring logo is in use by the contest holder, and can be seen on their website.

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