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"To be clear, in projects marked "Guaranteed" it is the buyer offering the guarantee, not crowdSPRING"

Some of the members of our community have been very helpful in giving us a head’s up when something doesn’t look right in a project, or when an award is given to an entry that looks suspicious.

The thing that is frustrating for the creative community, and for crowdSPRING is the wasted time and effort put into a project that is not legitimate. In one kind of fraud, a fake buyer will use a stolen credit card to post a project. In some cases, they will post more than one project, and award an established creative in one of them, and an accomplice in another project.

They will also often mark the project as “Guaranteed” to make the project look more legitimate. In a few cases, where we have had to refund the cardholder, awarded creatives have asked about the fact that the project is guaranteed.

To be clear, in projects marked as “Guaranteed” it is the buyer offering the guarantee, not crowdSPRING. Sadly, in cases like this, we can not pay out awards with funds we do not have.

We do our best to catch fraud projects on the site, but it is s virtually impossible to catch in 100% of the cases. We call on the support of our creative community to help in flagging suspicious projects so we can stop them early and help prevent other projects from being awarded and paid out the fraudulent users.

If you see anything that seems suspicious, please click the “Report a Problem” button at the top of the project.




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